This week I’m reading…

The Church of Acts Two – The Scriptural Pattern for the Church Today by Matthew Hyde (Gospel Standard Publications, 2023).

This book is made up of five sermons preached at Galeed Chapel, Brighton. They are sermons to a particular church within a particular denomination, but they have relevance to all who are seeking to understand and walk out the foundational pattern for churches described in Acts.

The first sermon emphasises the establishment of the church as Christ’s work. The church is not man-made – Christ himself gave clear commands about the ordinances and offices of the church and He established the nature and work of the church. The second sermon follows this by reminding us that it is ‘this same Jesus’ who continues the work of the church. There is no change in Him and there must be no change in the church: not in the truths preached nor in following the pattern He established.

The third sermon focuses on Pentecost and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in the church. The natural progression then in the fourth sermon is how through the work of the Spirit, God adds to his church. The final sermon brings together a wonderful picture of the church as a living body of believers in true fellowship and communion, working together for the honour and glory of God.

The light editing of these sermons has given a helpful structure to the book with subheadings and clear points. I found this a pleasure to read: refreshing and practical as well as thought-provoking and challenging.

Read it and be encouraged – the Lord is still at work in His church.