Harebell's Friend

Le Feuvre A

Inheritance Publications

YP 6-11 years

Golden Inheritance Series


When her father dies, poor orphaned Harebell is taken from India to England.  But Aunt Diana, under whose care Harebell is placed, dislikes children, and would rather send her niece off to a boarding school than keep her at her grand home.  Despite her loneliness, Harebell's vivid imagination endears her to most people she meets, except the minister's son, who considers her snobbish, boring and arrogant because she would rather tell the town drunkard, Tom Triggs, about the Lord Jesus than play his games.  When Peter gets her into a terrible scrape, Aunt Diana distrusts her honesty and arranges to send her to a boarding school.  In her distress Harebell runs away from home.  But in her flight she again meets Tom Triggs... what will this encounter lead to?

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ISBN 139780921100843