Jungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion

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Christian Focus Publications

YP 6-11 years

Jungle Doctor


Yet again the Jungle Doctor has a battle to fight while trying to save people's lives. Infections and disease are defeated with medicine and good hygiene but Nje - the Witchdoctor cooks the stings of Scorpions in his evil potions. Instead of bringing health and joy to his patients he brings sickness, fear and even death. However the time comes when the Witchdoctor urgently needs the help of the Jungle Doctor himself. Nje's life depends on it. First published over 50 years ago, these Jungle Doctor missionary stories have an enduring popularity. They include a fact-file on the author, location, major events & characters plus a glossary of African words/terms used throughout. There are some black & white illustrations. Read to me: 7-9yrs Read myself: 10-12yrs

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ISBN 139781845503901