Kiwi Adventures

Hill B

Christian Focus Publications

YP 6-11 years

Adventures Series


The land of the Kiwis is a fascinating country. Not only does New Zealand have one of the most unusual flightless birds (the kiwi itself) - it has many other claims to fame as well. It was a New Zealander, Murray Kendon, who started Mission Aviation Fellowship. MAF planes are used accross the world to bring help, and the good news of Jesus Christ, to thousands of people in far- flung places. New Zealand is a fascinating country to visit through the pages of this book. You'll be introduced to the Maori peole - who have a language and history of their own. You'll see animals and birds that will amaze and enthral you (such as penguins, the majestic albatross and sea lions). There are dolphins and whales too! Short chapters full of fascinating facts and black & white illustrations. Read to me: 7-9yrs, Read myself: 9-12yrs

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ISBN 139781845502829