The Hobgoblins - A Novel on John Bunyan

Bond D

Scriptorium Press

YP 11+ years


Douglas Bond is now well-known for writing gripping historical fiction. The Hobgoblins is based on John Bunyan and has been written through the eyes of a fictional childhood companion of Bunyan's who later becomes his jailor. The book cleverly explores the transformation of Bunyan and makes use of many of Bunyan's own writings to tell the story.

The title, The Hobgoblins, is derived from a lesser known verse of the original version of John Bunyan's famous hymn 'To be a Pilgrim'. 

Hobgoblin, nor foul fiend,

Can daunt his spirit;

He know he at the end

Shall life inherit.

Then fancies fly away,

He'll fear not what men say,

He'll labour night and day

To be a pilgrim

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ISBN 139781945062131