Trasna na Dtonnta: A Tale of Three Cities

Eastwood C A


YP 11+ years


Historical fiction about the life and times of William Bedell (1570 - 1642). Bedell was the man responsible for the first complete Bible in Irish Gaelic and he lived a remarkable life.  The interplay between political and religious history in Europe during the period is described and a clear gospel message given. Suitable for older children and adults, this book is also ideal for reading aloud. 

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ISBN 139781979823746

Published Review

Christina Eastwood here weaves an enjoyable, well written story with the very real yet relatively unknown history of the reformation in Venice and Ireland. The story follows Samuele throughout much of his life, his childhood in Venice in the servite monastry, his education in Geneva and then his travels in England and Ireland. Eastwood links real people and real events with Samuele's story. She develops both these and her fictional characters, making the happiness and grief throughout the book very real and poignant. I think it is a compelling book, and I would recommend it, mainly to teenagers with an interest in history, but I am sure that any young person would find it enjoyable.
Matthew (age 14)