Growing Up God's Way - for Boys

Richards C & Jones L

Evangelical Press

YP 11+ years


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These little books are colourful and fully illustrated and available as seperate versions for boys and girls. They are intended for chiildren approaching or experiencing puberty, typically represented by the 10-14 year old age range. The artwork has been specially produced for the book and includes accurate biological drawings as well as 'cartoon' illustrations to keep the young reader interested. Most importantly of all, the Bible is the constant reference point, so that what the Bible has to say about the matters dealt with is always front and centre. Contents include: 1. An introduction to puberty 2. Marriage 3. Puberty and how it starts 4. How your body changes 5. How the body changes in boys 6. Physical intimacy 7. Changes in the way you think 8. Going out and beyond 9. Preparing for the future
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ISBN 139780852349991