The Heroes of Castle Bretten

Comrie M S

Inheritance Publications

YP 11+ years


Eleonore, Lady of Castle Bretten, has been alienated from her friends and allies by false rumours spread by her nephew, General Lucas von Ruprecht, Count of Zamosc. When Guido, a young Protestant, comes to live at the castle, he wins the love and trust of Lady Eleonore and Felix, the General's son. Guido and Felix uncover a plot to gain control of the castle. Together the heroes of Castle Bretten make the dangerous journey through the Gallows' Wood to get help.

Suitable for older children and adults.

£ 8.99

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ISBN 139789781894666658

Published Review

This book is an extremely entertaining story from Bohemia in the Hussite era. The story centres on the the Castle of Bretten where unrest is stirring. A young boy, Guido, the adopted son of the Count of a neighbouring kingdom is taken captive in the castle, and befriends the sergeant of the Black Eagles of Bretten, and the Chatelaine of the castle, Lady Eleonore. Along with Felix, son of General Ruprecht, he uncovers a plot to overthrow the lady and seize the kingdom, and has to, through his trust in God and support of his new-found friends, frustrate these plans and save the kingdom, whilst making a few discoveries about himself along the way. This is a very exciting and extremely readable book, one would recommend it for any teenager, especially for those who have read and enjoyed stories by Deborah Alcock.
Matt, age 15