Kept Safely in the Darkest Night

Banfield M (ed.)

Gospel Standard Publications

YP 11+ years


The wondrous deliverances God granted in the lives of His people in Holland during the second world war are worthy of being heard, read and re-read. In this book are recorded 18 true accounts, for children of 10 years and upward, in which the Lord's care during that difficult period is related in moving manner. By means of these stories the whole war period is covered. Repeatedly we are reminded that God reigned, not the Germans. That same God still lives and how essential it is that we know our need of Him for time and for eternity. Though written specifically for young people, it will certainly speak to adults also.

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ISBN 139781897837849

Published Review

The years of the Second War World, from 1940-45 were some of the darkest years in the history of Europe. The generation that passed through those years is passing away and with it, the experiences and memories of those times. This book is recounting the experiences of some of the Lord's people who were members of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations in Holland. "Although written specially for young people," says the 'blurb' on the back cover, "it will certainly speak to adults also." When I started reading this volume I was unable to put it down until I had read the whole in one sitting. Even though written for young people and children, I found it held my attention. We are brought face to face with ordinary church members who knew their God and trusted implicitly in him to keep them in the darkest hours of the war. Widow, Deaf C-nelia was given a promise that she and her house would be kept in safety in the midst of the blitz. Although many would have urged her to flee for safety, she believed God and trusted that word given to her. Her neighbours instead of fleeing took her simple faith to themselves and sought safety in her house which was, in accordance with the promise, kept in safety. The book is full of similar experiences, although not all are of happy deliverances. This is far removed from the dry intellectual Calvinism of today. This book will be read by both young and old to their spiritual profit.

The Sinner Saved
Spring 2009