True to her Faith: A Story of France in the Time of the Hugenots

G Helen

Christian Focus Publications

YP 11+ years

Classics Series


Suzanne de l'Orme's Huguenot family is under severe persecution as are other Protestants in the nation of France. The 1500's are a difficult time to be alive if you are unwilling to compromise. Sent on an errand by her mother twelve year old Suzanne is kidnapped by the authorities for being the child of a bible believing family. Suzanne is interrogated and persecuted. If she will only disown her faith and her people she can be released from her prison and welcomed into the 'freedom' of the Roman Catholic Church. It is soon apparent that Suzanne will not give in and she is taken from the relative safety of the abbey to become a slave for a local farmer's family. Still refusing to discard her faith Suzanne's faith strengthens and grows through her struggles. Read to me 5-8yrs, Read myself 8-13yrs.
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ISBN 139781845502201