A Peep behind the Scenes

Walton O F

Christian Focus Publications

YP 11+ years

Classics Series


Rosalie lives in the brightly painted little caravan at the fairground. Behind the scenes her life is not pretty or exciting. She has to work very hard as part of her father's acting company. She has to keep going, keep smiling and keep pretending just to keep everyone happy. One day Rosalie and her mother are given a beautiful picture of a shepherd holding a lamb. Rosalie is told about the great love of Jesus who longs to look after her just as a shepherd looks after his lambs. Find out in this classic story what the future holds for Rosalie.

Read to me 7-8 years and read myself 9-12 years plus.

This is a reprint of the classic story known and loved by many.  It has been lightly edited.

£ 5.99

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ISBN 101857925246
ISBN 139781857925241