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Evolution... Intelligent design... creation... or a little of all three? What do you really believe? Dinosaurs, carbon dating, UFO's fossils... we have so many questions to answer. The New Answers Book has highlighted over 25 questions on these and many more subjects and answered them concisely, biblically and scientifically.

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ISBN 139780890515099

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The New Answers Book is about the Creation/Evolution conflict. It is from a creationist's perspective and therefore has arguments against Evolution. It gives the evolutionists a lot of explaining to do that, in my opinion, they actually cannot do. It makes you realise that to go from disorganized random atoms to living, breathing beings there must be an organizer. It also gives biblical evidence that the world is not
old enough for the "millions of years" to take place.
The question and answer format makes it easier to read as it is quite a meaty book. It is also broken up by cartoons and illustrations that help you understand the point it is trying to make or give additional information. I like the fact, as well; that it leaves no question in your mind that Creation is the winner of the debate.
I would recommend this book to anyone with the Creation/Evolution question in their minds. There are many books about evolution and it is taught as fact in schools whereas, in non-Christian schools, Creation is not taught at all.
The style of the book is mainly easy to read with the only time it is hard to understand is the quotes. It has a totally convincing argument for Creation and I have enjoyed reading it. I hope it convinces anyone who reads it that Creation is the answer to the debate.

Hannah Mole - year 8
Bradford Christian School