Christ All Sufficient - Colossians & Philemon

Arthur J P

Evangelical Press


Welwyn Commentary

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Phil Arthur reminds us that there was a problem with the church in Colosse, prompting Paul to write. It seemed there was a real danger that an impressionable young church might be dragged away from their devotion to Christ. Worryingly, as today, there were those who were influenced by false teaching. The letter to Philemon was personal - he was a member of the Colossian church. The theme here is simple: forgiveness. It is also vital as its lack between Christians brings God's cause into disrepute. Phil Arthur longs for the readers to understand Paul's mind better, grasping the fact that the fullness that we have in Christ is more sufficient for the church in any age. ePub ISBN: 9780852348307 Mobi ISBN: 9780852348314
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