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Published Review

In the foreword Stuart Olyott states, 'Jim Thompson's important book  is clear, brief, thorough, and convincing.' I am in complete agreement with this as the author tackles the issue of modern prophecy and the way that it has raised itself in recent years. The importance of seeing what God's Word says about prophecy is critical. With so many contrasting views in the modern church, this book takes the reader back to the Scriptures and examines the reality of what the Bible actually says. Looking at prophecy in the Old and New Testaments, before applying those principles to the current church situation, Jim Thompson leads to an excellent conclusion. Undoubtedly this book is both timely and incredibly helpful.
I liked the manner of this excellent book. Whenever an issue like this is addressed, it can prove to be contentious, but Mr Thompson has excelled in presenting truth with authority whilst also being gracious. This is illustrated in his introduction when he says, 'it remains the duty of the people of God to seek further light and to continue to embrace those with different views in a spirit of humility and love.'
I liked the method of his argument. Mr Thompson's ability to write in a clear and logical way is indicative of his profession. The reader will find direction all the way through his writing that makes it easy to absorb. The accessibility of this book is one of the aspects that make it so valuable. It is suitable for most readers.
I liked the meat of the Scriptures. As the author deals with this issue, his work is saturated with the Scriptures, and in this way grants great weight to his writing. He also deals with what many see as the controversial passages in a very bold and direct way.
This book needs to be read widely as it brings clear spiritual light on a sensitive issue. If individuals and churches heed the conclusions of this book then it will divert them away from all manner of spiritual difficulties. The Scriptures are the authoritative Word of God and they are the only place where we can find infallible truth, and rest in the wonders of a sovereign God and a wonderful Saviour.

Jonathan Stobbs
Grace Magazine
December 2008