Pierced For Our Transgressions

Jeffery S, Ovey M, Sach A


Doctrine & Theology


The 21st century evangelical world has been sent reeling by the emergence of a heresy hitherto perceived to be the province of liberal scholars. It is the denial of Christ's real, personal suffering under the wrath of God for the sins of his people upon the cross. In the first part of this book the three authors from an evangelical Anglican background set out to make plain the positive teaching of the Bible upon the subject. To lay the foundation some Old and New Testament passages are closely examined. Then the theological framework is put in place, and the views of some major figures in the history of the church consulted. The second part consists of 'Answering the Critics', thus making the book very relevant though unashamedly controversial in the best sense. A must for pastors, elders and the concerned person in the pew.

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ISBN 139781844741786