The Eclipse of the Gospel

Allred F

Grace Publications

Doctrine & Theology


In this book, attention is drawn to three essential components of the gospel the author feels are neglected today, the sovereignty of God, the holiness of God and the judgement of God. Without these the gospel loses its purpose, its urgency and its character. The book aims to challenge those who have departed from the Bible; to encourage those who believe it to be much more serious in their study of it; and to help those who teach others to come to a better understanding of it, whether they are full-time ministers or 'laymen'.
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ISBN 100946462631
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Published Review

Words are inadequate to describe a sunset or a jewel to another person - in the end you have to say, 'You must see it for yourself'. This is the case with 'The Eclipse of the Gospel': you need to see it and read it to appreciate its value fully.
The book displays how the Doctrines of Grace rise from the pages of Scripture. It is well written and, because it is not a lengthy tome, one can follow the train of thought through and thereby enjoy all the rich treasures together.
It has the advantage of being a reference book as well, so that when a Christian wishes to see how all the revelation of God blends together, here is a book to confirm those truths. The illustrations are wisely selected and powerful. It is a valuable book for young believers of all ages and a refreshing read for those who have known these truths but are at a loss to know how to express them.
The preface asks the question, 'Why has the church lost its way so badly?' The underlying reason given is that she has lost confidence in the gospel. Here is a book that goes a long way to reaffirm our faith in the gospel as revealed by God for man.
There are 11 chapters all of equal value but in the reviewer's estimation if there is one special jewel it is chapter 9, entitled, 'The Blessings of the Gospel', covering justification, reconciliation, adoption and glorification. Here is treasure indeed. Grace Publications has served us well by putting this book on the shelf, and I hope into many reader's hands and hearts.

Peter A Day
Grace Magazine
April 2002