The Gospel Ministry

Wilkins P C

James Bourne Society

Church & History


This booklet is the substance of the seventh annual lecture of the James Bourne Society delivered on Saturday 9th June 2018.  

The call to the ministry is a vital matter which should concern every church member.  What gives a man the right to preach? Should a minister be trained at a theological college? Is it acceptable for a minister to use notes in the pulpit? Should we expect a minister to be able to read Greek? These are important questions, on the basis of which we judge the ministry we hear.  Few have an accurate understanding of the historic position our High-Calvinist forefathers took on these issues.  In this interesting and well-researched paper, Dr Wilkins deals with the vital matter of discerning a God-given call to the gospel ministry, and examines some practical matters related to preaching.

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