The Jewel in the King's Crown

Allen D

Berith Publications

Church & History


The King is James I and the jewel referred to is the Authorised Version of the Bible, the best legacy of his reign. Dr David Allen traces the history of the greatest work in the English language - Winston Churchill and T S Eliot amongst others thought so, putting it above Shakespeare. The Authorised Version is described as 'an enduring landmark at the climax of the English reformation.' This book takes us back to the historical and political setting in which the translation project was conceived, and traces the development of the English Bible. There are short biographies of some of the translators, which are well worth reading. This book is an appropriate appreciation for the 400th anniversary of the translation. It is very well produced and contains many colour and black and white photos. 1 on sale due to overstock.

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ISBN 139781901670455