2000 Years of Christ's Power (Part 3)

Needham N R

Christian Focus Publications

Church & History


The Renaissance was a reaction against the attitude of the Middle Ages. And the Reformation was the passionate, divisive argument that grew out of it. Catholics, Calvinists, Lutherans, Anabaptists - our present-day divisions were the front-page headlines of the Reformation. Volume three of 2,000 Years of Christ's Power, in showing the progression of the Reformation era, and the daring bravery of its figures, presents a period of history from which there are many lessons to be learnt - not least of all, the vibrancy of people's lives and the courage with which they faced death.

This is the new 2016 hardback edition of volume 3 of this 4 volume history of the church. Academically reliable but written with an easy, even humorous style which makes it accessible to anybody with an interest, this work falls into a category all of its own.

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