Human Rights and the Christian

Charmley Gerard

Gospel Standard Publications

Christian Life


The concept of human rights grew out of a theist (but not always Christian) view of there being a creator who shows man what is good.  In the modern world, however, where people do not wish to acknowledge God, the concept has been largely drained of any religious content, and has been made a substitute for the law of God, supporting all sorts of ungodly ideas, such as abortion on demand.  The only way that men and women can be made 'to do justly and to love mercy' is by the sovereign work of God, which will humble them and lead them to walk with Him.  The agency which transformed Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was not people trying to change the behaviour of others, or noisily claiming rights, but the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, changing the hearts, mind and wills of individual persons.  This book examines the development of the concept of human rights and compares it with the Scriptural principles by which a Christian should live.

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