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ISBN 101845501217

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If you are looking for a Christian response to the bestseller The Da Vinci Code (also coming soon to cinemas near you) you will discover that there are over ten different titles available! It seems that authors are queuing up to rebut the so-called 'facts' of Dan Brown's book. One such author is Stephen Clark, who practised as a solicitor before entering the pastorate.
Mr Clark's stated intention is twofold - not only does he want to expose falsehood and fabrication, he also wants positively to promote the truth of the gospel.
The book begins with a pr├®cis of the plot of The Da Vinci Code, before taking issue with some of the more significant and serious claims made in the book. In particular, these relate to extra-biblical texts and the manuscript evidence of the New Testament; the role of the emperor Constantine; and references to Mary Magdalene. There are endnotes for those who want to pursue matters further.
In a positive manner Mr Clark establishes the reliability of the New Testament and marshals evidence in defence of the resurrection. The book ends with a challenge to consider carefully the scriptural testimony about Jesus Christ and to put your trust in him as Saviour.
This is a very readable book - its length and style are not intimidating. It would be well worth giving to a friend who has found The Da Vinci Code persuasive and considers it a significant challenge to the Christian faith.

David Magowan
Evangelical Times
May 2006