God's Design for Women in an Age of Gender Confusion

James S

Evangelical Press

Christian Life


Is there anything unique about being a woman? 

God’s Word says yes! Men and women are absolutely equal in dignity. They are also significantly different. Women are only honoured (and fulfilled) when both truths are celebrated. Read this revised edition of Sharon James’ God’s Design for Women if you want to find out about:   

* The positive impact Christianity has had on women throughout history
* The various waves of feminism right up to the #MeToo movement
* The Bible’s teaching about equality and complementarity 
* A survey of views on women’s ministry
* An overview of biblical ministries of women
* A biblical perspective on work, singleness, marriage and motherhood

This edition was revised & updated in 2019

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ISBN 139781783972630

Published Review

Review of an earlier edition:
If you have not read this book yet I would recommend that you do so. Many have been challenged and helped already by this affirmation and celebration of biblical womanhood.
Sharon James skilfully guides us through the backdrop of modern feminist theories that have subtly invaded both secular and Christian thinking. Then God's original and enduring design for men and women is considered; its ruin since the Fall; its significance as seen in Christ, and how its beauty and harmony can be restored in our lives.
The book has been thoroughly researched and is written in a compelling, compassionate, down-to-earth style that is immensely readable. It is full of a deep concern that all women find their true 'helper design', identity and value. The author shows that within God's mandate there is much scope for women to serve and to enjoy fulfilling, creative, and God-glorifying lives.
Sharon acknowledges that her book is not a comprehensive treatment of issues that can affect women on a deeply personal level, but points to various helps which are available.
If it all seems too much to take in, there are end-of-chapter pauses for reflection or group discussion, and the book lends itself to initial 'dipping in'.
Hopefully many men will be encouraged to read it also, especially young males, who are often confused these days about what is expected of them in male-female roles.

Maureen Gardner
Grace Magazine
January 2003