Not By Bread Alone

Knox D B

Banner of Truth

Christian Life


Man cannot live by bread alone says Jesus. When stated so simply and starkly this truth seems obvious; yet so much of late twentieth century life underlines how often it is ignored. Society lies in the grip of a mindset which sees man as the measure of all things. This fundamental lack of perspective affects his whole life and means that he can never see the real answer to his own deepest problems.

In Not By Bread Alone, D. Broughton Knox discusses a wide variety of issues in the contemporary world in which this spiritual short-sightedness has had alarming consequences. He shows how it has distorted and impoverished our experience in personal, local, national and international life.

Listening to the world of man alone has produced devastating famine of spirit. Broughton Knox guides us to the only reliable nourishment and to the remedy which Jesus himself prescribed: the teaching of scripture. With skill, insight and wisdom, he applies it to critical areas of twentieth-century life and points us to a style of life that is centred on God, and therefore both satisfying and enriching.

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