More than Notion

Alexander J H

Gospel Mission



An extract from the foreward by Dr D M Lloyd-Jones: "There are some books of which it can be said that to read them is an experience, and one is never the same again. The extracts out of the lives of these various people who came in varied ways to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ are, at one and the same time, convicting and encouraging. Some were poor and ignorant, others well placed socially, and learned and cultured; but all came to the same glorious experience. In reading about them one is shown the vital difference between a head knowledge of the Christian faith and a true heart experience."

This has been published within the 'Children's Heritage' series by Gospel Mission because it is suitable for older teenagers and onwards. It is a facsimile of the original Gospel Tidings Publications edition with its wonderful illustrations by Lewis Lupton.

£ 9.95

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