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Marion Veitch

Howard K W H

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Her own spiritual story together with the memoirs, life and times of a famous Scots covenanting family in Britain and America. It has been noted that the religious literature of Scotland is rich in books of Christian autobiography.  According to Alexander Whyte 'quite worthy to stand beside those full and finished works' are the memoirs of women involved in the Covenanting period.  One of the foremost was Marion Veitch (1639-1722), wife of the famous William Veitch. Her spiritual journal is complemented by the more practical ones of her husband.  But this book is far more than a collection of anecdotes, it is set in the context and culture of those times with a massive input of a lifetime's original research by Kenneth Howard. It is scholarly yet fascinating, and includes many illustrations and appendices, including two sermons by William Veitch.
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