Scattered and Kept - Twenty-eight lost sermons of Thomas Boston

Boston T

Ettrick Press

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Here are twenty-five sermons, preached by the giant of the Scottish Church: Thomas Boston of Ettrick (1676-1732), which are unaccountably missing from his Complete Works, and are only now in print for the first time in 250 years. Our edition also includes three further sermons, transcribed from unpublished manuscripts, and presented here in unedited form for the first time ever.

With startling contemporary relevance, many of these long-forgotten sermons tackle the question of how Christ’s church can recover from being scattered far and wide, losing spiritual vigour and cultural impact. Boston candidly exposes the weaknesses and failures of the church, yet he knows where to turn for help. The Lord who has scattered his church will gather us back to himself – and he will keep his church, like a shepherd keeps his flock.

The book is section-sewn, 464 pages case bound. 

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