Root & Fruit - Harmonizing Paul and James on Justification

Beeke J R & Lawson S J

Free Grace Press

Biblical Studies


An updated and collated version of addresses the authors gave at the 2010 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology.

"Compare James 2:24 with Romans 3:28 as isolated verses and you might assume Paul and James were disagreeing. But pay attention to context, and a totally different understanding emerges. James is refuting libertines; Paul is repudiating legalism. They were standing together in defense of justification by faith, fighting different enemies who were attacking the gospel from opposite sides. Joel Beeke and Steve Lawson unpack and analyze these texts with great care and extraordinary clarity, proving definitively that Paul and James were in full agreement on every point of gospel truth. This is a supremely helpful book on a tough subject—more valuable than most volumes weighing in at twenty times the page count." John MacArthur

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