Hallelujah! Exploring and Enjoying the Old Testament Benedictions

Evers S K

Day One

Biblical Studies

Truth for all Time


The abundance of Old Testament doxologies and benedictions is overwhelming, but Stan Evers has selected eighteen, beginning with the first recorded prayer in the Bible (Gen.4:26), Some are familiar, such as Numbers 6:22-27, which is often used at the end of worship, and Job 1: 21, a bereaved father’s praise.  Others are not so well-known, such as 1 Chronicles 29:10-11 (which anticipates the Lord’s prayer), the praise and prayer of an old king; and Daniel 2:20-23, a prophet’s benediction. The author desires that reflection on these expressions of praise will lead to a fresh awareness of God’s grace and glory. He is worthy of our praise!

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