Sermons on Melchizedek and Abraham

Calvin J

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Another valuable and rare volume of Sermons by John Calvin touching upon subjects so significant to the Christian Church. And yet, says, Dr. Richard A. Muller in his Foreword to the book, "They are significant even among the sermons of Calvin inasmuch as they present what, with little hyperbole, can be called Calvin's final testament to the Reformed teachings of justification by grace alone through faith and of the right relationship between faith and the obedience of Christians." Taken from the English translation out of the original French, by Thomas Stocker in 1592 these sermons cover chapters in Genesis with serious examination of Abraham, "the Friend of God" first, as to Abraham's courage in rescuing his nephew Lot, second, as to his godliness in paying tithes to Melchizedek, third, as to Abraham's faith in believing God, and lastly, as to his Obedience in offering his son Isaac. The book is complete and unabridged, and is not to be confused with Calvin's commentaries. This work is not a facsimile, but has been edited to reflect contemporary spelling, and bracketed words in italics are inserted following some antiquated terms or phrases as a convenience for the modern reader.
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