Free from the Law - Sermons 1-7

Roe N H

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Free From the Law


Norman Roe has been Pastor of Ebenezer Particular Baptist Chapel, Ossett since 1982. These sermons covering the Epistle to the Galatians were originally preached as a consecutive series at week evening services. They do not simply serve the function of a commentary, but each sermon is a unit in itself, containing doctrine and application. These sermon 'units' do however have a controlling theme, one which is prominent in the Epistle, and that is on the relation of the believer to the Law in Christian experience and practice. A correct grasp of this principle is vital to the avoidance of the subtle errors of legalism, which, if unchecked, eat away at the very heart of the gospel itself. Sermon 7 is also available as a separate booklet entitled 'Christian Liberty'.
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